Metalized BOPP Films

Metalized one side, heat sealable one side

Properties: Good metal appearance, very good moisture and light barrier, excellent oxygen and water barrier.

Applications: Suitable to protect light-sensitive products, thinner gauges used in lamination, thicker gauges used in mono web applications.

Product Code

Technical Data Sheets


Rowad Coextruded, Metallized film BOPP film RM
Rowad Coextruded, Metallized, Cold seal BOPP film RMC
Rowad Coextruded, Metallized, Low heat sealable BOPP film RML
Rowad Coextruded, Metallized, Treated on Sealabe side BOPP film RMTS
Rowad Coextruded, Metallized film, High Barrier, heat sealable BOPP film RMH
Rowad Coextruded, Metallized film, High Barrier, low heat sealable BOPP film RMLH
Rowad Coextruded, White Label, Metallized BOPP film RWLM
Rowad Coextruded, White Pearlised, Metallized BOPP film RWPM