LLDPE – Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Excellent UV and chemical resistance

High degree of flexibility improves installation around complex shapes and geometries

Excellent mechanical properties such as high puncture resistance and high multi-axial elongation make LLDPE liners more suitable in applications where conformity to sub-grade and structural irregularities increase the potential for damage

Basic products are black/black, but other variants are available for more specific and technically advantageous applications, such as the white/black version for improved quality control management onsite and reduction of heat generated at the surface of the product, thereby reducing the tendency to generate wrinkles and undulations which occur naturally as a result of expansion and contraction movements.

This provides a lining system which is in more intimate contact with the installed layers above and below its plane.

WELD ROD is available in 4mm and 5mm diameters and is fully compatible with the parent sheets which are also produced and available at the point of sale.

Product Code

Technical Data Sheets


Rowad LLDPE Double Smooth Black LDS
Rowad LLDPE Double Smooth White/Black LDSWB
Rowad LLDPE Double Texture Black LDT
Rowad LLDPE Double Textured White/Black LDTWB
Rowad LLDPE Single Textured Black LST
Rowad LLDPE Single Textured White, Black LSTWB
Rowad LLDPE Welding Rod LD WR